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During the summer 2016 , a video production team has traveled our fairs network to find the best video shots, in order to produce entertaining short videos, on various subjects, with a little touch of humor. Here is the result of our harvest.

We hope you'll enjoy it !

Horse Hitch Shows

In a horse hitch show, equine breeders are showing us the result of thousands of practice hours, patience and perseverance for a set of horses and their driver to perform just like one self. Those are a demonstration of skills and peerless team working between animal and human. All with magnificent carriages, costumes and radiant horses.

Poultry Judging

Poultry judgments are the opportunities for breeders to compare their subjects in order to get closer and closer to the breed standards and to succeed in presenting the perfect poultry. You'll find different types of chickens, pigeons, ducks, etc.

Demolition derby

Extreme activity where motorized gladiators compete for pleasure and high sensations. The goal ? Being the last one to still ride at the dong !

4H Young Farmers

The 4H competitions are the conformity shows for young exhibitors. It is during these activities that they develop the taste, the desire and the ambition to compete for the improvement of the livestock in Quebec.

Tractor pullings

Competitions for adrenaline enthusiasts, tractor pullings are the demonstration of the mechanical power of modified gears who develop unmatched power in a strong test.


The gymkhana competitions are a series of equestrian games such as the barrel and the relay. Under the supervision of tough judges and chronometer officials. This is a discipline where a man and a horse team up to demonstrate their knowledge and speed.

Goat People Interviews

Goat breeders proudly display their animals. Several hours of preparation are necessary to ensure that the subjects presented are at their best.

Craz E Crew

The Craz E Crew show is a presentation of bike address where professionals of the two wheels present us figures where gravity seems absent and where we can be stunned only by watching them.

Livestock Auction

A livestock auction is an opportunity for a producer to complete his herd with the best subjects. The cattle are presented with the unique sound of the auctioneer and buyers compete to acquire the desired beast at the best price.