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Products offer for hire or purchase

Awareness Trailer

The Awareness Trailer is intended to be a promotional and educational tool for the various agricultural productions, whom will be proposed and developed over the years. The broach themes will bring a better awareness of the agriculture and its peculiarities, with expositions, entertainment, videos, etc.

The trailer include : A life-size milking cow in fiberglass, wich allow youths and olders the chance to experiment, in security, the technique of milking a cow by hands like our ancestors did ; It also include a large Lego model of a dairy farm.

Theme The milking production
Cost Ask us :
Transportation In addition (a quotation would be send to you)
Animation Non-included (your responsability)

Milking cow in fiberglass

Included with the awareness trailer.

Exercise book

This 12 pages booklet, in black and grey, included several activities for the youths, on the agricultural theme, such as quiz, riddels, drawings, do-it-yourself, did you know that...?, etc. 

Cost 0,50$ + taxes par unité
Transportation Non-included
Language French & English
NB If out of stock, a minimum of units will be necessary for the printing.    

Educational book on breeds

This 22 pages educational booklet, developped by AEAQ in 2014, share information about the different agricultural breeds, such as the bovine, ovine, porcine, etc. It has been realized with the visual of the posters on breeds, to make sure that the information will be more easily exportable. (See the item below) This is the perfect vulgarization tool for your summer camps and school groups.

Cost 1,00$ + taxes per unite
Transportation Non-included
Language French only
NB Limited quantity available, please, foresee your order in advance      

Posters on breeds

It is a package of 18 posters on the different breeds in Quebec. Those are printed in colors, on a 18'' x 24'' coroplast and it included a reusable box for the transportation.

Cost 500$ + taxes. (PDF free for fairs)
Transportation Non-included
Language French & English   

Posters on milk production

It is a package of 7 posters on the milking production, developped by the Producteurs de lait du Québec. Those are printed in colors, on a 26'' x 60'' vinyl and it included a reusable box for the transportation.

Cost 500$ + taxes. (PDF free for the fairs)
Transportation Non-inclus
Language French only