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President's word

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the website of the Quebec Association of Agricultural Fairs


Enhance, manage and support the development of our agricultural fairs in the province, is the mission of our association. We promote our members, their events and the family traditions and history of Quebec they represent since many years. We optimize the relationship with the public by promoting and developing Agriculture by way of educational value, judgments and entertainment.


Our desire is to offer a quality experience and contribute to the vitality of our regions. We bring to the public agricultural awareness and we offer to them proximity and contact with farm animals.

For these popular demonstrations, with a unique character, to remain a place of exchange, of sharing and meetings between the city and the countryside, we must be responsive to requests and comments from our visitors. People like agricultural fairs, so we are listening to your demands and comments and will work to bring more and more satisfied people to our events.


I wish to all our fairs to work with premium partners and have the support of major players of the industry, to exploit your strengths, to stand out in your own area and focusing on our unique basic values. To develop the agricultural world by animated, educational and recreational activities in a rural and friendly atmosphere is your mandate!


Take time to stop at one of our fairs, like 1.1 million visitors do annually, to get entertained, to reconnect with your roots and to share with the farmers and producers of our regions!


Hope to see you on our fair’s sites during summer time.


André Labonté,